• Does a cheaper iPhone really mean Apple is doomed?

    Peter Cohan, Forbes:

    A cheaper iPhone marks a fundamental shift in strategy to Low Cost Producer. And it is highly unlikely that Apple — with its enormous fixed costs including a $5 billion headquarters complex under construction in Cupertino – will be able to lower its costs below competitors’ in order to win as the industry’s low cost producer.

    I think many analysts and pundits are making far too much of the “cheap iPhone” as if it’s a leading product that Apple expects to somehow save the iPhone or make it relevant again. They seem to forget that Apple has had a “cheap iPhone” for over two years now — it’s called the “two-year-old model.” When the iPhone 4S first came out, Apple continued selling the iPhone 3GS as an entry-level unit - $0 on contract in most cases - and the iPhone 4 took up the middle position. With the release of the iPhone 5, those positions went to the iPhone 4 and 4S, respectively.


  • Day One with a Chromebook

    So after spending the better part of yesterday, last night, and this morning working primarly on my new Chromebook rather than my desktop Mac, I’m quite enjoying the experience, although it does take some getting used to in certain subtle ways.


  • A Perfect Gin & Tonic

  • John Gruber nails it...

    John Gruber positively nails it in his comments regarding the new CGI Audrey Hepburn:

    Audrey Hepburn was one of the great talents in cinema history, and they’ve turned her into Ronald McDonald, an animated cartoon peddling junk food.

  • This whole Angry Birds thing is getting out of hand...

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